Amazing Villages of the World

Our goal is to promote amazing, nice, beautiful, cozy, charming, exciting villages, which might be not the first choice to visit. However, we think that your rural holiday in one of these villages will be unforgettable.

Village is the real spirit of the country, cultural root of any region and the place where ancient traditions live. We are here to provide you IDEAS of your next great vacation!

We carefully selected some villages to inspire you. Any of them has numerous things to see, and beautiful nature is always nearby.

Some random villages

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This village stands on river Arda in Rodopi mountains and is famous for castle-like estate of rich Ottoman feudal lord, built in 1834.
Base camp for exploring Lake Teletskoye (4th deepest in Russia), the last frontier between civilization and the wilderness of Altai region.
Second smallest village of Cinque Terre, it even has its own dialect, Manarolese. Here starts famous hiking trail Via dell'Amore, "Love's Trail".
The main village of the largest island of eponymous archipelago, it is known for ancient cisterns and necropolis, prehistoric fossils, and also wildlife of mangrove swamps.

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