Amazing Villages of the World

Our goal is to promote amazing, nice, beautiful, cozy, charming, exciting villages, which might be not the first choice to visit. However, we think that your rural holiday in one of these villages will be unforgettable.

Village is the real spirit of the country, cultural root of any region and the place where ancient traditions live. We are here to provide you IDEAS of your next great vacation!

We carefully selected some villages to inspire you. Any of them has numerous things to see, and beautiful nature is always nearby.

Some random villages

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This pretty village on small Pfäffikersee lake is famous for its pumpkins and nearby dinosaurus museum, often combined for the festival.
Scottish village on a coast of Fife, with castle and other historical buildings, as well as famous railway station and beaches. Home for yearly festival.
Renowned as one of Ireland's prettiest villages, it has castle and three monasteries to visit. A place to visit for watching Gaelic games, especially hurling.
This UNESCO-listed village conserves rich cultural heritage of Korea, including ancient architecture and traditional folklore plays, especially masked theater.

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