Amazing Villages of the World

Our goal is to promote amazing, nice, beautiful, cozy, charming, exciting villages, which might be not the first choice to visit. However, we think that your rural holiday in one of these villages will be unforgettable.

Village is the real spirit of the country, cultural root of any region and the place where ancient traditions live. We are here to provide you IDEAS of your next great vacation!

We carefully selected some villages to inspire you. Any of them has numerous things to see, and beautiful nature is always nearby.

Some random villages

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Of all resorts of Samaná peninsula, Playa Cosón is least affected by recent development. Come to see paradise beaches, enjoy fish restaurants and watch whales.
This idyllic quiet village of sheep farmers has a long history as religious center of Greenland, and sports ruins of old episcopal residence.
Set against the magnificent backdrop of Mt. Dromedary, it is a perfectly restored and maintained period village, home of famus cheese, galleries, and Easter festival.
Hidden in mountains around Ronda, it became famous after being repainted from white to blue to support the Smurfs movie.

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