Amazing Villages of the World

Our goal is to promote amazing, nice, beautiful, cozy, charming, exciting villages, which might be not the first choice to visit. However, we think that your rural holiday in one of these villages will be unforgettable.

Village is the real spirit of the country, cultural root of any region and the place where ancient traditions live. We are here to provide you IDEAS of your next great vacation!

We carefully selected some villages to inspire you. Any of them has numerous things to see, and beautiful nature is always nearby.

Some random villages

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Built around monastery that dates from 11th century, but situated on place of neolitic site of Chadecol, which was established about 4000 years ago!
UNESCO world heritage listed for its old traditional houses, 13th century fortress, cobbled streets and culture of local Palóc people
Known for its Folk Festival and Sheep Fair (held since 1348!), it also has evidences of Neolithic occupation and limestone caves and remains of lead mines.
Famous for its dolmens, Wéris is one of the most beautiful villages in Wallonia. Newer buildings and surrounding plains and forests are also worth a look.

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