Amazing Villages of the World

Our goal is to promote amazing, nice, beautiful, cozy, charming, exciting villages, which might be not the first choice to visit. However, we think that your rural holiday in one of these villages will be unforgettable.

Village is the real spirit of the country, cultural root of any region and the place where ancient traditions live. We are here to provide you IDEAS of your next great vacation!

We carefully selected some villages to inspire you. Any of them has numerous things to see, and beautiful nature is always nearby.

Some random villages

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This small village in the heart of Oaxaca state is famous for its alebrijes - carved from wood and then brightly painted figures, sold everywhere in Oaxaca and beyond.
Located on Northern coast of Muhu island, which is claimed to have the clearest water in the Baltic Sea. Home for Muhu Museum thanks to its numerous old houses.
Once a quiet fishing village, now popular tourist destination, surrounded by sand dunes and freshwater lagoons, is all about ocean, stars, capoeira, and sunsets.
A port of the Amalfi Republic in medieval times, then a poor fishing village and now a thriving tourist resort mentioned in popular culture.

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